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The housewife who would like to be Miss manners:Are manners in housewives' popular work by this depression? The young wife who doesn't want to fall in interview has been incited well and a raw performance has been done.

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It becomes difficult that the business is even taking the world and the part which are becoming bad one after another, and household budget is painful! Manners of a married woman major can be earned efficiently between such housewives, and it seems to be popular work! Everything is also having the telephone call of an application during interview of one person! Maybe does it become difficult that even this work takes...? Everything hears that an interviewer says that the interviewing married woman who made that a hit of an eye doesn't want to be lost! Does this viewpoint be called used interviewer... training and the performance act I don't have be also requested of work? But the married woman who even accepts that obediently...! Is it also a hard time to become manners?

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"Actress: A circle, a circle of the contents: and image quality: An actress of◎ and feeling such as amateur's wives. Is it ordinary like the contents." "Are there really much married women who run to these manners of times...? But, gold storage, NE w" "I think it's good in planning way, I thought the quality of the girl and play aren't quite satisfactory." "You're quite beautiful married woman dirty by setting as interview is excited as expected.", right? "An interviewer is good work I'd like to be popular once, too.", isn't he?

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