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Miss drinking KYABA:Persevere in work too much and bring Miss drunk KYABA home! Gorgeous and a little flashy clothes seemed painful, so the first part I made take it off, and I nursed

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There was Miss KYABA who perseveres in work too much in the alcoholic party season and fits the gorgeous costume BU has lost on the going home way in a roadside! It was brought home by good will... in order to nurse, eros passes a garter belt variously in the beautiful leg which makes peep out from a skirt, net tights and the underwear which is slightly black when it'll be turned over! I don't open my eyes which is here to a reaction a little with "Umm.", and it's in the drinking state! Your elder sister if not making take off the shoes, who makes take it off with*.., and tosses about in bed and the bottom are bare T. Buck! Even if I touch now, it's impassive and..., everything asks, they seem to be here, and it's already useless! If it's only a little,*.. and elder sister's clothes are shifted and a breast is fingered away! If pants are shifted a little, OMANKO is also completely exposed to view!... oh, elder sister pie bread.... CHINPO which welled up to an exhausted place is forced with GUI! Medium CHINPO consciousness makes dim, lickingly, your elder sister who has begun to taste well, fairly? Such, while it's momentum in PAIPANOMANKO in Miss drunk KYABA, stock! It continues in the second half!

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"Dirty is developed silently in the dim room, it is* HAME taking, so it's a little difficult to see, but there may be presence. The medium stock finish is also good." "Now, year-end party season. There should be this!!" "You're your beautiful daughter a chestnut became big by the man hair treated beautifully, too it's sensitive to go by a vibes.", didn't he?, right? "It's Nakaide fern as expected for Miss KYABA who gets drunk I have to pour it much.", isn't it? "A girl is too drunk, and impassive, and the side is regrettable but a girl was cute and the end was also medium stock, so in a hurry you could enjoy yourself.", isn't it?

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