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Miss drinking KYABA:Persevere in work too much and bring Miss drunk KYABA home! Gorgeous and a little flashy clothes seemed painful, so the sequel I made take it off, and I nursed

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Miss KYABA who perseveres in work too much in the alcoholic party season picked up last time and fits the gorgeous costume BU has lost on the going home way! Consciousness isn't certain yet, so without resting just as it is from stock during last time, it'll be a little more satisfied, oh, it's done! It becomes on all fours, the bottom is stuck out bounce, an anus and OMANKO, CHINPO of a bottle bottle is inserted in a bare place slowly from a tip already! Miss drinking PAIPANKYABA where voice goes out every time I enter base! ZAMEN which took it out and did during last time by an intense piston is pressed! That only this says "You may stay overnight!" though good extraordinariness was done, "Wow, thank you very much.", though, it has been appreciated! Thank you for the meal!

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"Miss KYABA is good, if bean jam can cry and is drunk, it's one to send everyone, it looks like as KYABA." "The first part was a medium stock finish, so a pie struck and was regrettable with CHO in a finish. Several people participate and sleep around for a sequel, of a stock finish during continuation, I labored under a delusion." "I'd like to encounter such situation! It seemed dirty and was satisfactory." "You're your very beautiful daughter MANKO may also be treated beautifully. After inserting, during keeping twitching the stock was good.", right? "If such child is inferior, everyone picks it up, because it'll be a season exactly now."

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