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Amateur peach and green:If it's discounted, does a countenance strike in a change in ink? The battledore and shuttlecock meeting which comes to the new year spotted blur!

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When I say New Year's, battledore and shuttlecock! If it's discounted, in a face, ink..., erotic battledore and shuttlecock which are here and come to the spotted blur for which a punitive game is waiting meeting! A peach has been defeated to participate in this game this time in the game about which amateur's peach and green are quite serious! First the first punitive game is the*.. bottom character! A kimono is rolled up of course, and it's at the raw bottom! The contents of the worrisome long-sleeved kimono form are* and* T. Buck! The bottom of a peach was Momushiri as the name! Surprisingly, the bottom which makes peep out from a kimono with Prix is also spotted, spotted! Next OMANKO New Year's writing? The simple game on which the character is written while inserting an ink brush pen in OMANKO! I have to insert an ink brush pen, so you take off pants for now, and, a leg is opened, PAKKURI and, happy New Year! Two people who do a New Year's writing to colored paper, fixing an ink brush pen of OMANKO though a pull pull makes them do a leg by a kneeling position! A person good at a letter wins the worrisome punitive game, and does the person who discounted shoot a*.. face? You kill, and which is it?

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"It may be the play best of a punitive game way. Whichever I'll take, anyway it's best that I can play with a beautiful lady." "Thank you very much for a re-delivery of a delivery stop work. It wasn't the work which is to the extent it was expected, but it was fascinating and occupied ketsuhori y in planning way." "If I was defeated in a different plan of battledore and shuttlecock, a face was shot, and it was slightly simple but fascinating. The girl's tension also looked like an amateur and was pretty." "2 girls of Japanese clothes are luxurious dirty I'd like to take it out in the inside tightly if it's anyhow, clothes don't get soiled, ^^", aren't they? "It may be taken, it's on the second thought kaosha more than ink I hope that you do this.", isn't it?

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