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Eli:Well, I told pleasure of the sex to a sex reason in the chicken generation-my daughter satisfied with SOFURE-.

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It was revealed by the street questionnaire your daughter wind was a white lace dress, and that ZU also needed "SOFURE" (As did you lie by the side?) SEFURE for appearance Eli. Because I'd like to be relieved because the reason of SOFURE is deserted. There are also no desires which want one without boyfriend. The spotted spotted number of experience of H which does and doesn't do so much is 2. I say that I don't also come to talk about a female line with a man with SOFURE. "Isn't H doing recently?" "It isn't being done." "For onanism?" "Umm... It doesn't become too comfortable..." a man isn't piggy, either and is it a cause in the room generation that there are a lot of herbivorous boys? H, I say that it won't be also feeling, so when I can think there would be no such things and tell you pleasure of the sex, it'll be carried out right away! I advise to look like a massage, and, a thigh, pickpocket pickpocket. When a skirt is turned over, white and black underwear are quite pretty. Eli who wears panties with fight in the breakage H doesn't do! You open a leg, and o squirrels of chestnut is massaged from the top of panties! In the question to which I say "Is it comfortable? Is it better to touch directly? Are you embarrassed? If anything would it be comfortable?" "Yes." You stuck out the bottom, saying "No-oh." to the request I tell to stick out. "After the hips will be resilient!" you opened a leg, but very, I'm embarrassed, a one Eli in a shop. When I say "Because it's examined.", with "What medical examination?" has a pointing out returned (warai)? "I don't wake up yet, I don't have that, because it isn't used at all, you'll taste a little." when it'll be tasted, PIKU and a reaction are wonderful! GUCHUGUCHU and DE! "You'll massage." I jerk... while saying "No-".

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