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Yoko Morimoto.:Everything by which the neatness system life insurance lady wins a contract on medium stock business!

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Hello,-Yoko of the neat life insurance lady who appeared by a polite greeting by a gray skirt in a light-blue shirt. Is time slightly good? Said, so, I understand that one is all right with an answer. You have begun the explanation of insurance strenuously, but it's expensive, so Yoko's business toque start which is a life insurance lady when it'll be refused a meander! "For Ms. her?" when I say "There is well just in case.", they seem happy and seems happier with "well, it's so it's enviable! Please regard future as Ms. her, trout?", isn't it? "Soon..." "HON MA!" "You enter Ms. Her purpose and! When I repeat and enter age, it becomes expensive, so..., I don't know what to have when, it doesn't leak." when I say that there are a lot of people who enter, too, while I worry, but being young, and you say because it's the time when I say well.. it's in the intention gradually. The insurance is also high and if I'll ask what kind of service there is, there seems to be other RI which became inexpensive by combination of an automobile insurance. If she gets the attitude about which interest isn't too excited, she loses that, too, JI and open toque continuation! You were asking whether she and a child will be also considered in the future and were explaining children's insurance, is the shirt buttons being also undone at the same time? Yoko who can suggest "Only your elder brother is special." and scatter skin. "A button is off..." "I want your elder brother to hold!" and, bold Yoko. Become compliant, and when it'll be held by a button, Yoko take the hand, and please force on her chest.. "It's warm for elder brother's means..."

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"When casting can have do a little cuter child, the level of the actress is going down saved these days." "Because Yoko buys insurance, please come to the invitation immediately, (warai) I don't have-"

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