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Kaoru Miyashiro.:The commission system business woman who works at the sperm bank where I'm asking to cooperate in spermatozoon preservation

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It's quite hot this time, isn't it?. Kaoru moving business by train. Kaoru who appeared exactly at appointment time is the business woman with the nice your orderly elder sister type. When sperm bank was asked conversantly, the business contents were explained with "the bank which collects spermatozoons". Oh? The ...!? that I have what for such firm? If a seed tortured of business will be heard though I think so, how are healthy spermatozoons collected?. appropriate for. That it smells of a trickery a little, interest has been excited, thinking, so more, barrage of questions. Are more than one frequencies also OK? When meeting the condition of a spermatozoon, you also support it to gather them (?) Seem. I say that it's operated with a man and they're gathered, so is it practice? That it's so when it's heard so, decidedly. When it'll be seen carefully, Kaoru's breast is rather wide and opens, and, a black bra is CHIRA. This also seems to be the part of the support. I say that I'd like to enter operation right away, so operation is also carried out with laver laver here!

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