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Kota collar?:When an amateur model didn't have enough pheromones by costume masquerade photography, the practice out of which sexiness is taken dirtily was done.

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"It was a dream to act as a model?" "yes... " "Is a costume masquerade improved?" I begin to change into a sailor blouse and take a picture! "Is there a decision pose? Can I have the duck mouth? Are you still tense?" cameraman of a barrage of questions. A slouchy pose is demanded from her who contracts only with KOKOZO. I show off and request the same pose backwards. Yes? The compliant collar or Chang's pants is completely exposed to view though it's confused. I sit down on a chair, and, only one leg is a pose, panties are CHIRA! "Is an expression still stiff?" and, a body is massaged. "It's because a lower back is elaborate." and, it's in the lower part gradually, saying. When thinking KA, when there are no pheromones, it begins to be useless and occur one after another! "It's also here that they're young, but yet, a pheromone has not gone out. I don't have enough pheromones, I don't have that. Is sex being done? Aren't you out to the breakage which is being done? For onanism?" even if it's pretty, even if I have fine teamwork, there isn't meaning that a pheromone has not gone out, was a collar or Chang called, and also decide...?

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"A back was fine for a medium stock finish, variously, of posture, it's changed, and, FAKKU is good, CHO and a HAME teacher, with, they're quiet, and how is dull FAKKU."

Keywords:During getting into a costume, raw HAME namakan, an amateur, a girl student and a uniform are taken out.

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