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Kaori:The truth which has a lot of S for the female of the short hair? O inspected.

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Kaori of a short hair who appeared by a sweater softly. Your elder sister-type who was slim and felt refreshed. It's the athletic course from the past, at present, five a-side is a hobby. "It's often called o system treasure! I have got some love letters from a girl, too!" the relationship isn't regarded as a girl, "H seems to attack and would like to do!",★ is stunned remark! When I say, it's the feeling to attack and is revealed with the chionnateki lady who likes making them take off with H with a worrisome man! "The popularity they feel embarrassed of which-. Though I irritate, I make them take off, and it's being attacked by a tongue gradually!" it's pleasant to where you have a small intension, right?

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