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Otsuka truth:If I tried to have a female karate person show me a molester repulsion way, I was too too excited and was nearly killed, so YA returned and did to subjugate.

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The thirst for blood a delicate person doesn't like! The 20 years old of strong karate girl O makes feel and Mr. truth who sits cross-legged or is here and answers a question. The reki half year when boyfriend isn't here replied prettily "I liked H."! If it's good, there is one arriving at judo, so don't you change your clothes? SSU YO good for the request which says so separately. I answer readily. It's smoothed with a hand with which it was also familiar to put on a sleeveless undergarment, in and the sleeveless undergarment form, big transformation. A black bra is sexy★,★,★! When making a sleeveless undergarment, isn't it exposed? If it'll be heard so, judo and, because it's different, I pierce. I request "It may be with molester dealing, securely? Because I'll be a molester a little, I'll try it." If I try to finger the bottom, an arm is twisted! tsuu! Then, for example if a molester grasps a chest from the rear, how is it done? A breast has been massaged. Mr. truth, "Stop....", did it become comfortable gradually-, resisting?

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