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Sayuri:The shower broke at a hotel, so if asking to repair it, the girl who hears every crawl had come, so it was tasted, and you made it beautiful.

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Did the shower in a hotel break! "I don't finish!" and, employee's elder sister in a hotel of the fluffy system has come to the room by confirmation a little. Hot water has to come out, if a shower can be taken and I go out of the side and present the claim with a piece side, excuse me, repeat of*... It's worthless, so I request "Do you make it beautiful by the mouth?" daringly! Sayuri at the entrance for the 7th year obedient with "I must be leaving now, excuse me." by a bewilderment face. I have begun to taste quite well. "Does it become beautiful?" "Yes!" when it's united, and there isn't boyfriend, it's said that to taste in NO is also after a long time. I was being excited, would you like Mr. lily during work-, warai?

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