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Yumiko Fujita.:I verified to where big fan of an amateur model was made of the photography meeting which was looking forward.

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"Favorite food, what?" "is it strawberry,-♡" "Because I'll send strawberry, please tell me the address!" "well, how will you do,-"... to where does big fan as the 5th time of photography meeting quite aggressive cut it! A pose is indicated, I shake, do and touch secretly. "That a photography meeting comes 5 times, it's possible, it can be struck and they're rumor Sada between the fan who says." a fan negotiates with "USO DAA-" for an escalation! "May an animation be taken today? Staff's person animates it, I was saying that it was good,-" without also waiting for Yumiko's answer, animation photography is started! Please pose even here, Tsuu shakes and does, and touch* and* "To feel?" Yumiko also call a shoulder "BAI", and seems not to be also altogether....

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"Won't the one which is a feces monk of that YOOKO be? Though the actress is cute, it's spoiled! Voice and feeling vice are GUDAGUDA mostly in DAYOMAJI which isn't here and, isn't FERASHIN also got directly and is it what, does it unite?" "Quite prettily"

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