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Yamada firewood:When DERIHERU is ordered, she, a friend has come, so will you "take a picture and show this to him", and, if I threatened, you made them take out during a performance.

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Including the option it's said that to be fair, say the one with a beautiful breast to a mountain and take a picture is a hobby, and which is picture taking, if, DERIHERU is ordered. Then the girl who has the thing seen somewhere has come,◯ is really similar to◯ and the person himself lets it run with SUYO by being called. A little, ICHAICHA, when, it's similar to her, a friend as expected, the man who suggests NA. If there isn't a rose when a performance tells her who insists that there isn't boyfriend to make them do because she who begins to do an odor odor suddenly doesn't say that it's shown because a picture has been taken, you responsed. The one she doesn't want to disclose, too or the disposal permitted by Nakaide stripe. Though there is boyfriend, this shouldn't be done-.

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"It's for money or I'm the girl who worries about that she wants to do dirty or that it was Miss DERIHERU very much."

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