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Aimi Yoshioka.:If DERIHERU called, I was colleague's wife, so a performance has been even done instead of keeping a secret!

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Your elder brother the married woman who seems cute likes very much. When den MA was put by an option and a real married woman was ordered, Aimi (temporary) was here. Aimi who has just still entered. That a story is heard variously, what and, is it colleague's wife looking? That I think so and question closely, bingo! I'm keeping a secret, so I say..., so I have even requested a performance of NG instead of keeping a secret. Your slender wife was attacked noisily, and it was Nakaide stripe. For colleague's wife, if, when I think, an immoralities sense is wonderful, isn't it?

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"You're your wife who looks like an amateur a woman is afraid even to do medium stock service.", right?

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