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MANAMI:I'll bother you suddenly in the private room of the girl judging an erotic animation site from Net cafe secretly, oh, it's done!

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The Net cafe which can be enjoyed in the private room by itself. It can be thought that it's the site which is ETCHI. Isn't one girl judging the site which is ETCHI from such Net cafe or-? Would you like coverage? I said that I hoped that you said so, so I was unreserved and bothered you-. MANAMI who says "He's embarrassed." is cute as "Well." was remembered when he said that the site which is ETCHI was being seen, isn't he? You can't meet boyfriend easily, and I'm lonely and. To heal such deserted body. You have done a partner in the private room of Net cafe. I suffer and suppress voice, and, secretly, in the private room, and, MO is a tasteful one, isn't it?

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"It's good, a cute girl. Natural bristle man hair is wonderful! A slender body and the big seat are attractive."

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