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Pupil:I had Miss reception of the 20 year old certain company of pinball-style slot machine dependence where money has disappeared do a dirty thing, so the story which lent money

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Miss reception desk of a 20 year old certain company which fits into a pinball-style slot machine, pupil. 20 years old. Such girl, money has disappeared-,-, and, it's being talked about, so uncle money is lent. But RANE which did something and superficial invitation. I have taken it, so it's greedy and I have arrived at a young body. How many, it was conversion DA and you even made them do a performance and launch, so money is aided. Borrow money, and don't fit into a pinball-style slot machine.

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"There is a woman who is also enthusiastic about a pinball-style slot machine at this place, but it isn't so pretty. A funding source is the one how is which being done or a question for certain...."

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