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Manami Tanaka.:We'll be a member and a friend and that I make them meet a groupie daughter of a band, I lie, HAME.

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By my daughter fascinated with a groupie of a bandman gets rapturous too much, and TOHOIHOI's which has good something to discuss following? It was inspected to say so. When live broadcasting of a band ends and I'll speak to a girl right away and says "We, uh, they're a bandman and an acquaintance.", you have followed readily. "I have to minister to fan's girl." and, it was said that you were asking you not to understand from a bandman, and I made the w fan service gentle. It's dangerous-, you shouldn't go about a thing like this-!

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"She's big fan of RARUKU, but... a saw saw may follow by this." "When saying the one which is YO I'll make meet a groupie, everyone is 100% HOIHOI, it's cod No bad this year...."

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