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YUKINA:I'm working, you're thrilled. A recent clerical worker is a sideline, DERIHERU, please, and moreover, I seem to sneak during lunch.

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Clerical worker's YUKINA who was working until just now. Because that payment was good-if DERIHERU was tried to try, it's said that they did the determination which continues DERIHERU. DERIHERU which can do clerical worker's side job is good, isn't it? But I'm out during lunch and.... Answering, indeed, member of society. I'd like the feeling to seem serious again. It's well-proportioned under the uniform of such YUKINA. An uncle, you can finish standing it, without, please don't also take a shower, HAME. You return to a company, and doesn't it come to light, don't you have that?

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"Such clerical worker, it's good, you may be here. Even though I'm the girl doing a good body." "When DERUHERUBAITO is good, but is time little by a lunchtime...? My cute daughter is good, NE, be such side income, please."

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