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Mika:The girl who called work of a swimsuit reader model and brought him to a love hotel had quite fine teamwork, so I have played a trick carelessly.

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"Call model work, and let Mr. about 5 amateurs take a picture of the swimsuit, please.", I lie, and, to "by being only at such, SUYOO" and a love hotel, bringing. When it's taken on if it "is that only a cute girl is able to do", they seem happy with a pleasant smile. I have her of a female university student of animation voice put on 3 kinds of swimsuit a little. Then Mika has fine terrible teamwork-! A breast is big surprisingly in being slender, and resemblance is very right. Gentle Mika who will also request a vulgar pose. I feel like being here and doing Tazu and others carelessly, and you stick out the 、、 bottom, and when I make a swimsuit rip,... doesn't resist surprisingly, so dirty has been done just as it is. Thank you for associating♪.

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"Don't you think it's doubtful from the beginning that it's photography in RABUHO only by a swimsuit model." "It wasn't a pretty reason unreasonably, but a style was also fair and was a super-taste. I'd like to make it her."

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