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Chihiro:A photography site of Mr. amateur who is good-for-nothing and goes out to an audio visual for money, everything

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I was hearing the payment which doesn't have money was close, and that Chihiro how can't who do could earn money easily. In the feeling that I don't have a mind to do whether it's that fight has been put in a little or that make-up was the idea that Chihiro who doesn't have thick smiling with eyes free experience should appear on the top which was tension a touch a little a little. That an actor doesn't give money by such one, when it's barked, fight also perseveres in the one I entered, rather a little loud pant voice and an expression for w money smilingly, and the end is by Nakaide stripe. Take the liking to this and don't borrow money again.

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"Is it the one of Mr. Director's technology to take the girl made Mus fairly on to here." "You also do work provision of a Hamar director in a spotted blur a staff is drawing out girl's moto to only the private photography with the Hamar director who cries and a girl, and it's excellent.", right?

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