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Asaki Shoko:It had been discussed whether my husband could deal with the married woman who has fallen into make debt by a secret somehow by pinball, so an audio visual made them appear.

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It was said that Mr. Asaki, a friend had consultation, and it was summoned, so that I'll go, what and, it's said that the hammer has fallen into make debt in pinball. It was said that they didn't know how to do, so it's introducing to the acquaintance who seems to manage money. That I say whether I hope that I lend you the fair large sum of money, "yes,..." and Mr. Asaki. Talk is early. I'll become stark-naked immediately from underwear, and when a breast is tasted, is glad to suffer and utter a cry immediately. Were you talking about... standing on hind legs wants and don't you fall into make debt personally again?

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"When such picture is seen, when I come across a very beautiful mature woman at a pachinko parlor, I can't labor under a delusion strangely and enjoy myself calmly during a game."

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