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Kobayashi RION:If I go to home delivery of pizza, mostly, the underwear form! My frustrated daughter who is so has appeared and has tempted.

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It's a pizza shop. You reproduced a lucky affair on some days by an audio visual. After a girl of the lingerie form had received pizza when she went to the house in the home delivery, because it wasn't made of itself, I requested whether you didn't change a light bulb, and I had come, so I changed it. It's the lingerie form whether I say so and I'm quite pulse-pounding in erotic I NO, too. Then that I was a little frustrated or that I'm fingering me and have said "Whether it's sweat, when a shower which isn't here is taken.". The girl came into the bath together and did FERA. Though I already think I'm bad from here, too, it doesn't stop. A spermatozoon has been taken out in the girl after all.... no one can call this. But it was good experience.

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"It's quite impossible by the lingerie form in a receipt of pizza you were much frustrated.", isn't it?

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