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Yuriko Hosaka.:There is eros, if, that I came across a wife of a neighborhood association chief of rumor at 2-Chome of hotel, I threaten, and, during, you have made them take out.

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Yuriko with rumor of the man who probably says a man in the town and the spear man who is rolling up a spear and is playing. Erotic KU, please, it's a glamour, so I'd like to send me, too, and it's beginning to threaten. YO judged by 2-Chome seems open away with various people, whether it's the one for forbidding in no time when I threaten, with here or is to satisfy the desire, immediately, chionna mode switch-on. During, you have made them take out. They seemed to have something to do with my son, too, so I promised to let's do again with 3 people this time together, so when there is next time again, by all means.

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