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Marie:God waiting, is the site dangerous? -Is it impossible to be able to attribute without what? End of the child who has run away and has come-

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The bulletin board site from which the person who looks like the God who offers me a hotel and makes them have a meal freely is requested "god waiting, site". Meet girl Marie who met here. Quite cute Marie, quite, I'm not sleeping or it's exhausted fairly. The beginning seems pretty, said, I'll make them take a bath neatly, and it can be put to sleep. In a prey of the uncle who also cries with the reason which becomes clear only with that freely.... The end, it's seen, and, enjoy yourself.

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"A slim body is a wonderful girl by minute milk, but the one which is pie bread is regrettable with CHO. By the way, of the title "? is it impossible to be able to return it without what!?" For "? is it impossible to be able to attribute without what!?" Well?"

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