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Nakano Eri:If DERIHERU called, a female boss of a company came, so a performance was even done instead of keeping a secret.

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DERIHERU is summoned like usual. The female boss surprisingly, such some Japan seemed always great at a company, and who is doing w came as Miss DERIHERU. Do you borrow money? Are you in trouble about money? Oh, may I set aside such thing, make this the boss always seeming great and doing in this way and that for me and break in a person of a company-? When I threatened a little, you did the performance which is NG actually. Even a performance is very excited even a performance makes it to be or just to think and to be excited in what kind of feeling and to make the bottom of the suited figure the end of the last line in GYANGURU degree, a slender body and a rather small breast of MANKO which looks like the amateur who isn't treated so much. I have gone in the unconsciousness.

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"The teat rather large in a small chest. OMANKO is also erotic, quite, high score! I'd like also to expect a work next time." "You'd like such situation because it's minute milk, a large teat which stands out arouses.", right? "Such situation coming shank. That it's usually scolded for work, you feel like spiting of hinnyuu lover, personally, it was also good there.", right? "A slim body is OK for minute milk the black flyer flyer and rather big MANKO wrapped in natural man hair are erotic.", isn't it?

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