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Rumi Miyamoto.:I verified you grumbled, and to where we could assume that you also had to make the girl who would like to be famously such thing.

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I'd like to be famously! The girl who says so and Rumi Miyamoto came to interview and senzai photography. Though I'm thin, the breast is also big, and I'm also small-faced and am Rumi of the probable blessed figure about eight heads and bodies, that I don't get away famously so easily, a cameraman grumbles and takes it to the dirty atmosphere. I'm saying that I exert myself to become famous and am slack, but I'm glad whether you were also businesslike about doing a dirty thing at one of work while uttering a pant cry of pretty animation voice with laver laver surprisingly. The insert part is also seen securely for pie bread. The end, during, you make them take out, and it's perfect score perfection!

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"The girl with an attractive slim and long leg. It looks like after "go board attack" and "ritsu or withering" are done with such girl, shank." "It's similar to Shiori Tamai of peach black and very pretty, please use the child who looks like such idol more, it's pretty and is 120 unreasonably, the contents are quite satisfied." "It was minus, but a very spare but well-shaped beautiful breast and pie bread MAN KO also showed me medium stock and are a pass. Your face is also pretty of course, YO."

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