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Ichii Aya flower:A child who wears a miniskirt of whether pants didn't look seen verified whether he was asking by 2 men.

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A girl who wears the skirt in the very limit pants seem quite seen where beautiful by whitening is found. That such child seems to catch on a pick-up easily, to make a pass at her by a cameraman, a man and 2 people. I was telling to meet a friend, but when I pushed away, you followed readily. The destination pretends a rice shop, and, hotel. The one a dirty thing wanted to do or OMAN KO treated beautifully. OMAN KO is also completely exposed to view and quite vulgar pink in beautiful fair skin. The end is medium stock two firing! Thank you for the meal.

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"White skin hides various defects, I say, but I'm a typical girl. The girl who aren't also the translations which are often called a beauty wonderfully when seeing. The big bottom is attractive."

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