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Of Shirasaki RI.:Sell it with Miss super-popular SURENDADERIHERU who waited half year and reached it finally, with the selling point of, possibility infliction first GACHIHAME

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Miss super-popular DERIHERU who says he waits half year, and that a turn has come finally "is RI", oh. A pupil is pretty, and you're much interested, are interested and have come to my home with great difficulty! I enjoy myself so and thoroughly a special chance, it depends and is a fact, GACHIHAME. A slender body is attacked noisily, and it's Nakaide stripe. I'd like to make repeat, but when is it on earth to get a next meeting this time?

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"An actor as well as an actress are fair SHAKURE, too." "Minute milk is fine for a slender body and natural man hair, a little, SHAKURE, I can't receive a face. It's 3 stars in a medium stock finish." "A 、、、 eye can scoop too much a jaw and is attracted. An expression is too dark also and, a reluctance, pass. It doesn't seem to aim and be doing reluctantly." "Is the one which can be taken out or no one asking the child who isn't so cute how? If possible, they're young, and isn't it better to take out a cute child?"

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