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Pupil:If I'm a shoplifting conviction, it's next to the placard, HAME, make, can, clerical worker and shoplifting government man

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Pink person of the woman who has come the suit which seems elegant. That's impossible, such person, with shoplifting, when I thought, something was put in the bag. The game securement which is today by the reason which says so. Because when I'd like to talk, he'll be brought to a hotel, and I make comfortable things assume that rose SUYO threatens to the police. Said. I aim at standing on hind legs, lend my hand and have come, so the color of the reflection isn't seen, so if it's a shoplifting conviction, I make a placard, by its width, humiliation FAKKU. It was quite good expectation, wasn't it?

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"I'm the mature woman of 36 years old of professing of bristle man hair who had gone out under the name of Matsumura grant by Paco Paco mama, NE. The bristle man hair I let growing was well even here."

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, a clerical worker, a ham, slenderness, HAME taking, ZAMEN and FERA.

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