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Saori Oshima.:I'm a teacher, but it's really if it's ordered, and you put on a uniform at the school which is being told to Miss DERIHERU, I was the pupil who graduated.

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Well, I'm a teacher, somehow they see a student, do a spotted blur and are good-for-nothing. But I can't take up a student surely, so I have Miss manners put on a uniform, and it's the one you're making emit a desire. The cute girl a uniform of such some Japan and RORI ancestry seems to look good on whom came as Miss DERIHERU. But I have seen where anything is. When talk is heard, aren't you my pupil? I also shave hair and take pie bread and it's RORIFEISU, so it's intolerable. Though the one by which a teacher is such fact lover, too is called DA, I have done excuse in the unconsciousness.

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"The male acting is subtle but pretty, without !! complaints!! if it's seen, of course, HD!!" "Delta Airlines endured not to be done, and there was Kai who waited. It was continuation of excitement in appearance of a very cute girl. Slim body and pretty breast. That's good. I'm hungry for appearance next time." "It's pretty and, the play is also aggressive,◎. A uniform thing, that's good."

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