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Tachibana kaoto:A deco judged Valentine 2015 who comes to the spotted blur-me from fresh cream☆, well, I'd like to eat.

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That I'll present myself to boyfriend, an eye, "Close.", kaoto who brought him to a house. While he closes an eye, it's fresh cream in its breast, decoration♪, well, please eat. Do you need the chair which isn't elaborate? It's greedy in big breasts and sticks, she, he, Mr. boyfriend who makes him say. During, I'll make them take out, and it probably seems to have been best Valentine for two people♪, doesn't it?

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"It wasn't the favorite situation so much. But the girl is cute, so I'd like to judge by the different situation again!!" "Though it's pretty, in a hurry CHO and TSUKEMA are a KIMOI girl extreme inferior MANKO seems to be en. Even though I'm interested in a bruise around the chest.", aren't they?

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