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Is it a collar?:The SENZURI enjoyment part-time job-part-time job which makes concerned putting and the spotted blur easiness and even does a performance carelessly-

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Please see my SENZURI! This series of a pick-up of the new trick which does part-time work recruitment at a changed section (warai). Innocent girls are being sacrifice one after another. While seeing SENZURI, a spotted blur is the reason for which my daughters who are doing, go and do onanism personally are being searched. A collar overcomes the one found today, oh. Pretty. Though I'm embarrassed when SENZURI is shown to a collar, I'm very interested. I approach about a dirty thing by force half, FERA, please, quite well. And aren't they the TOCHO big breasts which take off their clothes? You can finish standing it, without, a performance has been even done. Thank you for the meal♪.

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"A collar overcomes, oh, in the face's being very pretty, by a body, a little.... YO which becomes slim, and wants to appear again." "The breast you take off and show to me behind FERA is intolerable!! when I take off my clothes, it's quite minus personally there in POTCHARI.." "CHOU big breasts!" "Surprisingly, it was also overwhelmed by a large breast. While it's this, it's a stock finish, without complaints...."

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