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Iijima sweetfish:The abundant bust is being shown by a sales of the insurance which is often declined, and, during, is this daughter you made take out pillow business? Or?

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Whether Kansai accent says that the cute girl who entered a little is a sales of insurance and doesn't put it in a house when ping-pong and a door are opened, it was being run. Because you get it, I came in by bulldozing, so when it wasn't included now, YO where it'll be serious and the beginning were an ordinary sales, but it's hot, so can I take it off? And are you showing a valley of the abundant bust, are you talking slightly dirtily and aren't you asking? The end, during, you made them take out. Did you make this daughter do to here on pillow business after all? Or as would you like to do?

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"YO everyone joins if a life insurance lady of a real beauty does a partner. I think a little by this child...." "This child is cute!! I'd like also to see the other situations!! FERA is also polite and intolerable and, I'll go immediately if it's put in for draft beer on its own, I'll do." "The rumor that an insurance sales lady has pillow business doesn't cease even though I'm the girl with wonderful rather thin man hair.", does it? "Reluctant! HAME puts it on and is also good-!" "Setting like a dream.... Because a breast was beautiful, I also wanted to see complete nudity."

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