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Dusky thrush:Ambition guidance was done in order to become popular among a super-small salary more in the underground idol who exerts himself and ordinarily live for a dream.

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YO where the girl who sends the liyal system idol she's personally though it was unpopular, (underground idol) was doing! You showed me a song, and showed me what kind of thing an idol was doing, but somehow I don't have enough anything! An ambition as a woman also needs the more or less for it to sell as expected, said, to tell to show an interest. You do FERA, and, raw HAME. Did the more or less reach adolescence with this? It seems to be a super-small salary, so I hope that it's of some help a little.

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"I should be particular and do audio visual conversion coming-lessly idly forever. Because over now when the audio visual is also young and now you don't keep occupied any more with the year are a chance and a pretty one...." "Though the Japanese syllabary doesn't seem to be the superficial world.., and I'm quite cute girl after I say the liyal system idol, will it be useless? It's also NE whether the audio visual actress faces certainly by seen feel."

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