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Light:I requested a JK costume masquerade of the girl of DERIHERUSABISU "younger sister DERIHERU" you send by the form of my younger sister.

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I asked for DERIHERUSABISU which does by the form of my younger sister "younger sister DERIHERU". It's pretty, and girl Hikari of feeling has come to my younger sister really, so tension goes up an uncle, too. I'd like to request a JK costume masquerade of my younger sister today. Hikari who will change his clothes right away. I'm thin, and, RORI a look, a uniform looks very good on her. You make FERA your elder brother while being called and when you make them put standing on hind legs in for draft beer, I bud indeed. The end will be intolerable and be and I ejaculate in a stomach! How about younger sister DERIHERU and the person who takes an interest?

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"All except for actress's face is best.. I don't say BUSAIKU particularly, but do you need the age a little? It's regrettable because I'd like the situation.. I'd like to judge from other actresses!!" "It's also understood from a mosaic, but it's too clumsy. It's too clumsy, and, it's seen, I don't stand." "The chestnut who bared and the girl with wonderful natural man hair. Man sha of a finish was also good."

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