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Marie:Occupation like a woman of a first meeting and a YARE RU dream? The student shoplifting conviction and the shoplifting government man by which a shoplifter has become

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The girl who seems to shoplift with a large back came into a convenience store, so I begin to take a picture. A thing was taken as expected, and there was nothing and went out of the convenience store. A shoplifting government man takes it out at a hotel, collection of circumstances. She who is Mr. student and the state which has probably shoplifted cosmetics. Somehow a shoplifter becomes, so Marie who dislikes it when he tries to make a contact to a parent. Marie who has said "Yes." and has chosen that when sexual intercourse is asked as forbidding. In the end after doing FERA and doing KUNNI, insertion for draft beer... A shoplifting habit should heal really, but.

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"I hear that that a shoplifter becomes. A girl can also do lust cancellation and.., for."

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, a ham, a girl student, HAME taking, ZAMEN, onanism, hand KOKI, KUNNI and FERA.

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