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Ichii Aya flower:The girl of fair whitening who usually sends a salesperson has come to the interview, so such one, he has been persuaded and it has been done until the end by the place.

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A cute girl came to interview by fairness. The name is sub-Yahana. They seem to be a salesperson. When a profile is heard, it's said that the bottom is big.& It's said to be pie bread to see and pleasant, don't it? The interviewer who enters the shower together while he makes the one which is audio visual interview take off a senzai picture by the name to which I say because it's taken, and he's making them take a shower. Though I'm embarrassed when I say such one, a shower is taken together, after that, she who showed onanism. MANKO is fair and also pink and beautiful. You take pie bread, and it's easy to see! In the long run well, it's DAKO, I reached excuse during the end while saying. They seem to become a good audio visual actress, don't they?

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"The fairness which is rarely seen in these days. They may be womanly." "White skin is the truth from which various defects are hidden fair skin is dazzling. I'd like to wish a partner once.", isn't it?

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