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Katayama mei:I have proposed that the young wife who suffers from a debt will tender a body and pay by a body personally, so the story to which I said that you couldn't be satisfied with only that

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Mr. mei and Ms. young wife who borrow money and have returned that also borrow money and have fallen into debt pain. Onanism and something to show made them take sha ME, and was the sign it can't finish meeting, so Mr. mei who has proposed tendering a body personally and paying by a body. Do you like sex? When it's so, I borrow money again, so sex ends and that I say... a little only with that, this time, an anus.. It was quite hard sex, but this story seems still to continue, doesn't it?

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"Is that I'll pay by a body and is the interest part a place with about to collapse body and MANKO to return of a debt? Your wife seems to be enjoying herself fairly, too...."

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