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Aya Shimatani and tachibana plum flower:[2/2] Miss S "plum flower birth" That married woman who continued YARARE awakes.

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That it's severe so far, be raped and be turned and even change into Miss M, RARE, a plum flower is Miss S and appears again. That Aya Shimatani who becomes first shot of Miss M this time is severe, too, violated one person. These two people who were here associate with the same circumstances for the first time, and the threatened view is sightseeing. The married woman who knows YARARE RU feeling is transformed into Miss S, and it's fact that I have begun to harm my young daughter and remember a pleasure.

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"This woman has very fine teamwork, so it's aroused by severer blame.", isn't it? "Though two female people also appeared, it wasn't utilized well. It's regrettable." "I think blame is weak, so I seem to be Miss S and want you to spite more. I think if there is also involvement of two people."

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