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Serizawa elegance:[2/2] even here is the north! The mysterious female end is a shame collapse.

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That woman of sunglasses came again, this time is the yukata form and it's dangerous, NONEE felt and saw, but are you a truth lover? It was tied, and was that a pleasant sensation? I moved from a garden to a public restroom and reproved for a vibes for now, I have also silenced. At the inside which moves a place and is a Japanese-style room, a candle, eternity is hung and how are a faint in agony,* and the one which seems comfortable somehow? If I come here, it's until the end, an enema, BU, make, dappun, but, the wonderfulness amount. How many meals, oh, it isn't held.

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"By an enema, enormous volume dappun! When it isn't a female pig, the scene which isn't seen is wonderful." "They seem embarrassed, dappun, the form arouses." "The state which gives an enema, and is spouted is attraction. A beauty is little for SM system and the face is inevitable." "It's quite easy to get wet, you give an enema, and it's white station liquid from ASOKO." "The feces and urine system was unpleasant and impossible personally. An appearance lady wasn't a typewriter, either."

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