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Misa Shinozuka.:[2/2] the widow who put on a mourning dress is tied! The abnormal woman who feels regret over giving up

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The instigator who was tying quiet Misa a lover asks out... and was even making them restrict by a rope under the mourning dress takes out widow Misa who lost my husband to a SM room. The play in a name as many training draws near there. You'll shave man hair and take pie bread, and a candle is hung, and an enema is put in a hole of a bottom. A great deal of feces is always constipation a touch or overflows, and I'm certain that this woman who gives a pathetic sense off entered into the medium way.

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"Hair is shaved, and you'd like MANKO which became pie bread from a hole in the bottom, heartily, if, a great deal of UNCHI left is erotic.", right? "Sean who spouts feces gave an enema, and was best. I wanted to see the enema scene bound tightly ideally." "Slenderness is fine for a frame. OMANKO is also pie bread, good." "The feces and urine system was unpleasant and impossible personally. An appearance lady was MAAMAA."

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