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Misa Shinozuka.:[1/2] the widow who put on a mourning dress is tied! The abnormal woman who feels regret over giving up

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The instigator who was tying quiet Misa a lover asks out... and was even making them restrict by a rope under the mourning dress takes out widow Misa who lost my husband to a SM room. The play in a name as many training draws near there. You'll shave man hair and take pie bread, and a candle is hung, and an enema is put in a hole of a bottom. A great deal of feces is always constipation a touch or overflows, and I'm certain that this woman who gives a pathetic sense off entered into the medium way.

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"It was aroused by the mourning dress form. The tight binding form isn't quite satisfactory. For an enema scene, slightly, pass." "I thought a beautiful person, but when play started, first putt ken wasn't also so." "Whenever it's seen, widow's mourning dress is wonderful and is EROI you're on the second thought here and doesn't everyone think so.".

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