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A holly tree is wealth.:An enema tool is put in an anus of the woman who can't resist, dappun!

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There was a female pig tied up. The woman who can't do a movement at all is spited by a masking tape, the mouth shackles, an eye mask and kaikyaku. A vibes is stuck, in an anus, an enema tool, BU, make, the woman who does dappun..., it's left and the run of events is seen just as it is.

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"An expression is a mask and it's regrettable that it isn't seen. It may be a popular good work for a restriction enthusiast." "I hope for flyer flyer blame for pie bread by all means in more erotic OMANKO." "Somehow I don't like such work which makes the female pride torn. I like a female smiling face as expected. I don't want to see the form that I feel sad." "An enema was also so, but I wanted to see more expressions of a female pig which warps in pain." "If favorite play can be demanded from the girl with whom only this is tied up, they seem able to be excited."

Keywords:A ham and a mature woman/a married woman, enthusiast fetishism, SM and a vibes are tied, an anus and the hard system.

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