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Keiko Mishima.:[2/2] the woman who could throw away Miss KYABA of the work way back in the anesthetic rape-wreckage site in a mountain pass-

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While Miss KYABA has come home with the milk, a sleeping pill can be soaked up, and I put to sleep and carry out kidnapping! The place where I enter the rice paddy way, open a trunk and am sleeping, I toy with Miss KYABA in a good thing. Because there was a likely pleasant place in the inside at the mountain pass I took out... when sleeping, after waking you up, I turned it there. Miss KYABA I shoot a face and make it left in a mountain pass after 2 firing, and where it's pitiful.

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"The setting of a work was very good, but a girl wasn't that cute." "I think I'd like setting. I think I want you to resist more. It's recommended."

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