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Muranaka is rare.:[2/2] a target is Miss KYABA. I aim at the attendance way and kidnap forcibly.

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Miss KYABA who is walking while carrying it and NOTENKI which doesn't feel our sign at all, I'm a woman. The numbers which will bring him to a car and be super-Rimbaud immediately suddenly. A far-out affair can't also raise a cry. The origin of the nightmare.

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"I bring disgrace on the beginning by putting at some vacant houses, and the spear is continued while tearing clothes off a little. And, sometimes, of a limited part, right is compared and shame is incited, and, if, I like a method. It's regrettable that I don't like a girl a little." "There is a manneristic sense, but I think it's quite good. I want you to resist more."

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