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Okada peach:The female senior high school student who permits rape only for an owner. A mama doesn't like that abnormally....

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The bystander's point of view which invited recent girls' school draft beer and said to karaoke... is a student, but no one knows by the body bound tightly under the clothes. The moment I need tied girls' school draft beer, I have been excited about a rope....

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"I'm very young and am a beautiful child, that it's unexpected, MANKO which is a flyer flyer." "OK! I wasn't a student enthusiast, but I was excited to see a condition of the uniform form and the form that I lose. It may be actress's acting, but while losing, how should it be done?-like when I try to insert a toy in feeling and first, are you also out to an expression of the bewilderment which is the mark how will you do and are you a student (There are few experiences.) really? And, you make them think. The flyer flyer is black, but the pudenda are pink and a vagina round isn't also rough, so there is reality, so I think it has must-see value sometime!"

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