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Chisa Furukawa.:[1/2] the gorgon who displeases is hung on a surface of a mountain and tortures! Flagellation of disappointment!

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BUSU, a bare pig of glasses is trained at a mountain top. The meat which sticks out of net tights, boneless ham, itself is high quality! CHINPO was put in to the base by IRAMACHIO and a hackberry was planted in MANKO and an anus. Because I felt ill cruelly in the form that I agonize over a vibes, I bit at meat of an arm! Have pain, pig woman! BUSU... man soup writhes in heat of a candle and burns man hair and from which is hung. It's hung on a tree, and, by a rod, SHI, when, I have come up! Itself and CHINPO put pork in the large person who is stark-naked and rises in a surface of a mountain, and, medium stock. It's bestiality at all! I begin to move a place to the certain place roof and train. The whole body swells in red in the rod which is disordered and flies, and man hair every the wax to which I stuck is removed. I made the mouth, MANKO and an anus eat celery. The pig which raises the bleat in ANARUFAKKU. It's noisy, I'll dig until I bleed! A spermatozoon is discharged into MANKO and gives an enema, I try to make them do throwing in defecation, UNKO is taken out and it's a coconut palm! It's wild beating of course by a rod! By a large person, BUSU. It was failure that I was born for man, feces pig! Grovel on the ground and live at most!

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