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A violet Performance.:

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Sumire who takes an interest in a mutual lady and, I wind, oh. But a Lesbian has not been sent and doesn't know how to do. There are no every directions from a director. 2 people who grasp hand each other cautiously. When the eyes meet, I laugh unconsciously. I take off the clothes and praise a mutual body each other. That it's unexpected, I look thinner in clothes, I wind, oh. The bust of the shape that it's beautiful when it's taken off. A teat is small and faces to the top coldly, Sumire. A mutual chest is fingered each other and a teat is tasted each other. The turn is early when it starts, nowadays, girl. A mutual sexual organ is fingered and it's tasted around so that it may be greedy.

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Keywords:An amateur and enthusiast fetishism.

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