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Presley:PATSU gold pick-up! An intellectual beauty, GET! A ball, this summer pick-up debut!

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DO-, increasingly, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! What today's renewal is, the first appearance! Appearance SSU of blond beauty Presley! If he thought a cute girl of a dress had approached an elegant white hat, a ball lacked voice suddenly-! SSU or the !? which isn't the girl No bra going to watch carefully When I ask what was bought, it's said that they bought a swimsuit.., and it won't be known whether whether it'll be guy KY right away will fade directly, but a swift attack put it on, and ask to show it to me! The beginning is Presley who was blocking, 30 seconds later, everything and OKKE--!? Be absorbed, indeed, American style! I'd like for the time when taking is good taking! How is Presley twiddled by an aggressive ball of American astonishment? A swimsuit, condition dirty play mistake NA SHI put on! Please enjoy yourself-!

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"It's very slender by a beauty. It was only a nude and a toy this time by a beautiful girl of a body, but it's expected next time." "Presley. Great beauty's daughter of packing of the thing phon. It's first." "Without performances, but Without the performances in which a good impression can have to buy an expressway and use a vibes at all, so, it's this evaluation." "Presley. Great beauty's daughter of packing of the thing phon. It's first." "You're excited to be transparent from a white dress in a seen teat, ~~ It's aroused by pie bread, ~~"

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