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Evelyn:Board circle resemblance of AKB? Japanese likes very much! My J idle facial daughter who feels some friendships A yukata, quickly.

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It was DO MODO-the delivery which neglects to call, and I soaked, but I apologize for that! It'll be delivered energetically from today-! There should be a lot of people who depended on wait for this delivery, too! 8 summer festivals of money! Evelyn it's Evelyn's appearance-who is a black yukata, and creates chic feeling with everything. I thought so, no, a bra and No bread? She who is put on Mr. smooth-talking Tamada brightly and takes it off with a tummy! That I'll notice, a yukata, creep pie bread-! completely exposed to view The nude of the woman who put on a yukata reluctantly is dirty with everything-they're also in the best condition this time, HAME, please, I go- Japanese boy cheer SSU-!.

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"Only a cute child is always putting rubber on Mr. Tamada, but I'll be Mr. foreigner..., why?" "I was quite beautiful girl. The body was also beautiful and good, but an actor is not completely satisfactory and sits down on protuberance." "Because I'm a foreigner, it may be an inevitable one, but I'm interested in straitened circumstances of a yukata." "Evelyn's yukata form is very attractive h also seems good-natured.", isn't it? "Fairly good beauty You look really good in a yukata, I wanted you to do variously while putting on a yukata a little more."

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